Director’s Welcome Message

Dear Prospective Client,
Welcome . . . Karibu . . . Akwaba . . . Bienvenue . . . !
It is my singular honour having you at Depromat’s official website. It is a forum modulated by a group of experienced project management experts, reviewers and contributors who share some common interest on the subject of project management, with development focused.
I talk nearly every day to executives and policy makers wrestling with issues like project complexities and sustainability, workforce evolution, and the impact of technology on people and processes. The idea for our project management training and consulting mission partly came from those conversations—we see the mission as a way to distill our profound knowledge, skills and what we have learned as a company into actionable intelligence. The founders bring independent perspectives, expertise, and experience.We hope their insights will spark dialogues within organisations, among managers, and with policy makers about the critical relationship between project success, people and technology in the workplace of tomorrow.


Development Project Management Institute (DEPROMAT) was established to address Africa’s (domestic) private/public sector skill, ability and knowledge constraints in the management of development projects, mostly externally sponsored. I hope you enjoy this title and find us useful as you plan for the expected and unexpected developments ahead. It is our privilege and commitment to be part of the Africa’s development conversation.
The institute is operated by and through a network of diverse professionals and experts to efficiently deliver benefits and opportunities to individuals and organisations in Africa. Depromat is basically a ‘charitable’ institution in that it invests its revenue and intellectual resources back in the peoples and communities of Africa. Depromat is an independent institute in the project management industry. We pledge ourselves to the service of all organisations and individuals on the African continent and beyond, to uphold and display high level of ethical standards and professionalism at all times.
It sounds realistically hopeful to say that setting up a successful project management training and consultancy firm like Depromat from scratch, especially here in Africa, is not a straight forward endeavour and involves a significant amount of enthusiasm, drive and strategic thinking. Nonetheless, due to the compelling ambition and vision created by the founders and their natural charisma for the venture, we have been privileged enough to establish an amazingly resilient team that has overcome substantial encounters with professionalism, good humour and marvellous team work. We have established a powerful blend of practical skills, well-informed young blood, intellectuals, dynamos and a spread of ethnic groups – “to convert and manage dreams of Africans, to build African nations”.
Generally, I’m grateful to our media and marketing team for developing and promoting this website and for providing us with timely, valuable feedback and information from our facilitators, course reviewers and training attendees, which allows us to shape up our training and consulting service delivery to meet and exceed the needs of the intended market. Further, I would like to thank our present and prospective clientele who react to and provide input for many of our ideas.
Again, it gives me a great pleasure to introduce to you our multi-industrial project management training and consulting agenda that touches the nucleus of almost all planes and functional specialities in the corporate world at all times. We take into account that your organisation has  the mandate of enhancing the performance capabilities of its workforce to maximize productivity. We therefore, seek to make project management indispensable.
Every organisation engages in projects, programs and processes to achieve their strategic goals. The use of projects and project management methodologies continues to grow in our society. We are able to achieve corporate goals through project organisation that could be achieved only with the greatest of difficulty if organized in traditional ways. Indeed, there is a rapid increase in the number of firms that use effective project management approaches as the preferred way of accomplishing almost everything they undertake. Adding value to an organisation is the only reason to engage in a project and in project management.
I urge you to spend a few moment to peruse through our essential services, and I hope you will identify at least, a training and consulting need for your organisation and workforce. Finally, I assure you of our unmatched service and professionalism as a market leader in the project management training edge on the African continent.
Thank you!