Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to most commonly asked Training Course queries

  1. Where are training courses held?
The majority of our training courses take place in Pretoria, Accra, Mombasa, Randburg, Mbabane and Kigali. Other locations for training include Nairobi, Cape Town, as well as other international locations including Dubai, London, Singapore and India.  
  1. What time do training sessions start and finish?
Generally our training courses follow a standard structure (see below). However, the specific agenda (which may differ slightly) is shared with delegates as part of the joining instructions pack (sent approximately one week in advance of the course start date).
  1. Can I bring my own laptop to the course?
Yes, we will supply temporary software licences (for software-based courses only) to delegates prior to the start of the course. Alternatively, Depromat can also provide laptops to delegates for the duration of the course. Please advise our training team if you require a laptop. However, at some seasons, Depromat provides laptops at a rate of $15+VAT per day due to the large number of delegates attending these courses.
  1. Do training courses count towards any formal qualification?
Our training courses do not count towards any formal qualification. However, all our courses prepare delegates fully to sit for many certification credentials.
  1. Will I receive a certificate for attending a course?
Yes, all attending delegates receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the training course.
  1. Do I require a visa when attending training courses?
Delegates from most African countries may require a visit to travel to the next. For attending training courses, a short term student visa is usually sufficient. Most countries may issue the visa at port of entry. To clarify this based on your specific needs, please contact us immediately or check for the Visas and Immigration requirement section of the visiting country’s Home Affairs website.
  1. Will Depromat be able to provide a visa letter for me?
Yes, we can provide invitation letters for delegates (on request) confirming they are attending the course, but only after course payment has been received in full, or guaranteed.
  1. Is there a dress code for attending a  course at Depromat?
There is no dress code, but most delegates prefer to dress in business casual attire or depending on the weather.
  1. When are courses confirmed?
Courses are usually confirmed immediately within 48 hours, prior to the course start date. It is advised to book your travel ticket or accommodation during the time the course has been applied and confirmed.