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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which Depromat Consulting Ltd. offices stand and of the communities in which it operates, and we pay our respects to the elders past and present.
Capacity development and institutional strengthening
A Proliferation of Project Management Application Areas
Depromat exists to fill a gap in the current Knowledge and capacity on project, programme and portfolio management in Africa. We tie the tools, theories, techniques and technologies together, primarily for an executive audience, with the goal of making organisations productive. Executives don’t need to understand all the granular detail of the project management tools and techniques, but there is a need to understand the latest thinking in project management and how far the discipline, tools and the techniques have moved beyond the simple Gantt chart. Depromat looks at the latest developments in a dynamic field that is critical to organisational success. Read more...
The value of our core services
Executives and practitioners in all sizes of organisations are the primary audience for our training and consulting services. They will quickly be brought up to speed on the latest thinking and benefits on project, programme and portfolio management, from strategic goal setting and alignment to the latest thinking on planning, implementation, monitoring and control, and recovery processes.
Over the last 10 years we have trained several professionals from the commercial sector, government departments and ministries, banking institutions and cooperative societies around the African continent. In addition to being provided on designated locations, we also provide in-house training services which are tailored to fit our clients needs. Our courses enable organisations or departments to master the discipline of project management, statistics and econometrics, improve their practices, become more efficient and, very importantly, inspire and motivate their employees.  Read more...
In-house Training servicesSPSS StatisticsInternational Exposure VisitsConsulting ServicesIntegrated Water Resources Management
We provide hands-on training in major statistical and econometric software packages, such as SPSS, Stata, Eviews,...
International Conferences...

Opportunity to network and exchange ideas with other project management practitioners and executives on critical topics.
Project management capacity development and institutional strengthening Services
Projects are often utilized as means of directly or indirectly achieving objectives within an organization’s strategic plan.
DEPROMAT Limited is well established to address Africa’s domestic, public sector competency constraints in the management of development projects mostly, externally sponsored. In uncertain and challenging times, Depromat remains steadfast and committed to prospective clients, providing comprehensive and diverse range of solutions, products and services. With our world-class professional expertise, we continue to provide strategic advice, training and consulting solutions that create lasting value. Read more…
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