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We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which Depromat Consulting Ltd. offices stand and of the communities in which it operates, and we pay our respects to the elders past and present.
Capacity development and institutional strengthening
SPSS is a large and flexible statistics application, which can include a number of optional add-ons, and requires more than is possible on this website to explain everything it can do. However, that is not our purpose. We, as experienced trainers and development advisers of corporate bodies, have found that there is a core set of statistical tests common to many corporate programmes, particularly in the social sciences, and we shall focus on these.
Empower everyone from beginners to expert analysts to understand data, identify trends and produce accurate forecasts.
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What does IBM SPSS Statistics offer the business community?
IBM SPSS is a wonderful statistical analysis package. SPSS allows us to undertake a wide range of statistical analyses relatively easily. Modern business environment is increasingly becoming data-based. The advances in computer technology now mean that everyone must have SPSS on their desktop or laptop. While this is extremely useful it does mean that we do need to know what analysis is appropriate to the data we have. So a certain amount of basic statistical knowledge is required before using SPSS.

If you would like to schedule a visit with one of our team professionals, you may contact us at or call +27 788 628 243  /  +254 789 252 726.

We have seen employees on a daily basis who simply want a clear explanation of the SPSS output they have produced at a level they can understand. Therefore, our aim is not to explain every SPSS option but to focus on the key statistical tests, describe how to undertake them and explain the output produced by SPSS for these tests. To develop your own expertise in SPSS Statistics, contact Depromat for expert training.
Depromat can provide in-house training for your organisation, no matter how large the group of users, or their current level of SPSS expertise. Each course can be customised to your exact needs, allowing you to choose the length of the training, the number of participants, and the topics to be covered. Pricing of the course will depend upon your exact requirements. Read more >>
We are committed to providing a total solution to organisations across a wide breadth of statistical, econometric, operational research and mathematical backgrounds.
In our experience as trainers and consultants in this field, many people experience some confusion when they first encounter the computer output from statistical applications. They often ask questions such as: Why so many tables? What do they mean? Which is my result? Is it significant? This is because the statistical applications print out a range of useful information with each analysis. Not all of this information is readily understandable to a new user. Fortunately, Depromat Consulting is well positioned to assist you. Read more >>